About us


‘Black British Parent’ evolved from recognising and understanding the need for a non-judgemental and relatable safe spaces for Black British families. 

Here we are about bettering ourselves for our children and acknowledging that our healing comes before your comfort. We are a collective support and education network of and for parents (mums and dads, blended families, adopted/foster families, etc), adult children and their families of African and or Caribbean heritage who are British and or living in the U.K.

Focusing on inner healing and personal empowerment, we collaborate with community organisations, activists and influencers, facilitate meets on and offline as well as mindful parenting workshops and one to one coaching and mentoring sessions to assist families in building and enhancing the foundations from which our future generations can flourish, be empowered and grounded in their personal truths, their cultural heritage and authenticity, unapologetically. 

Your support helps us to reach and connect with more families



Deborah Field-Pellew Founder