Community Funding Group

We have various people and independent organisations who don’t get the financial support they deserve for the work they’re doing in our community.
The thing is, when these people are doing their works with no funding or financial support, it can make their already challenging work more difficult to continue to provide the services that they do.
Group economics is a concept that can be applied to supporting our community angels whilst acting as a type of insurance for when we should ever need their services for our families.
Your donation of just £10 per month is shared between 8 community angel’s and covers administration fees on a monthly bases.
Donors will be kept informed of quarterly and annual donations as a collective. And of course donors can cancel at anytime.
Let’s do better by being better and setting a standard by supporting those who are supporting us and our future generations to come.
All you have to do is register to our reoccurring payment plan and leave the rest to us.
Don’t forget to tell others about what we are doing so they can join us in making a difference too.
Payment options